Dear All,

This week I would like us to explore the merits or otherwise of telling an entrant where their entry falls in relation to other competitors.  Will this motivate or demotivate the individual.  

Please take into account that you are each experienced film makers, not all of our entrants will be, and they might not appreciate being told that their work is below the rest of the competition.  Having said that, knowing where one comes in the pecking order, albeit in general terms, can provide added perspective to the competition and spur them on to better things.  

BIAAF have an option in the entry form that allows individuals to opt out of the star rating so they only receive the judges comments.

Secondly, it would be worth discussing how any grading could be created and published.

BIAAF use a star system whilst Lee, you may remember, talked about colour banding.

SoCo use a 100 point rating system which both Lee and Pip are familiar with, and the plan is for this to be used by the Judges again this year.  It will be interesting to hear what Lee and Pip have to say about the SoCo system.

Because the SoCo system produces a numerical result,  it would be possible for us to use a bell curve to place scores into Upper Quartile, Median and Lower Quartile ratings.  However, that is only one suggestion and, as with all ratings, it has it’s draw backs.

Lastly from me, should we use stars, colours or some other way like describing the categories as Excellent, Commendable, Average, Less than Average

So, to summarise

1.       Is it a good idea to publish where an entry stands in relation to other competitors

2.       If yes, how should the bands be calculated

3.       How should the bands be described and the results published to the individual

Enough from me and over to you


On 17 March Brian wrote:A brief reply from me as I am travelling in the Far East at present and I hate writing a thesis on a smartphone.In short I think that every entrant should receive some kind of rating showing where they came. In Reading we score up to 10 points on each of 5 criteria but recognise that in the case of a tie judges are given the option of chosing between two equal scores on the criteria of would you watch it again.In a more general competition that is being proposed I would have thought that a 5 band rating would be workable with the top and bottom grades only being used for the “exceptional” in both senses of the word!Providing the entrants know what the criteria are I  personally dont think it matters what they are called.Regards Brian

On 19 March Ivan wrote:Yesterday evening at our TFMC Club meeting we discussed a proposed ‘banding’ system for entries to SoCo competitions.  I write to say that the majority of members were in favour of a ‘banding’ system and most preferred a 1 to 5 star system.  It was noted that colour banding could be confusing – film makers not sure what colour represented what grade.  It was also said that if a banding scheme were in place then film makers would need assurance that their film would be  judged on its own merits against an agreed set of criteria as opposed to judging one film against another.  I don’t think anyone was against an award for ‘best entry’ in a variety of categories (or no category apart form best film) but it was felt that each film maker would like feedback about how closely it matched up to the criteria.
There was a request for members to see the list of criteria upon which each film is judged.  I know you have such a list and I am sure you sent it to me in the past but search as I may I cannot find it.  Could you please send it again for me to circulate it amongst members so they can see what you as a judge particularly look for in a film?    A further question asked by members was how close would the SoCo criteria be to those used by IAC and BIAFF?  Are they the same?
Hope this helps
All best wishes

20 March Lee wrote:

Sorry this is somewhat late been “running around chasing dreams”!!!

        Telling Entrants of comparison with the other films ? makers,  we agree provided each film is judged on its own merits and that this is made quite clear. We also agree that the 100    

      points system across all headings (i.e. Audience appeal 30…editing 20 etc. etc) and why not use a coloured Certificate System for all Entrants expressing the level in  which they came!

       Brian and Ivan’s comments OK.


     LEE and Mike and Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit.

Tony ColburnThu, 21 Mar, 12:17 (12 days ago)
to tony.colburn.soco

Ivan asked if I could provide him with details of the judges scoring 
(attached) that I have used in the past not only for SoCo but my own 
judging exploits – it seems to work.

However, as I run down to the launch of the competition, (now really 
pressing) any helpful comments would be much appreciated.

Ivan, if you share the attched document, perhaps you can make it clear 
that at this stage,  it is subject to amendment by the forum.

I am attempting to draft the SoCo News Competition Special which will 
launch the competitions and will circulate that document shortly.

Many thanks

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