Q5Dear All

On 5 March Tony wrote: It would be valuable, given our conversations thus far, if we could establish how we
might we might take SoCo Competitions forward in 2020.
Broadening the offering as discussed in Q4 is certainly appealing, but how might this be achieved.
Therefore, this week, can I pose three related questions. (Your responses will not commit you or your club to
anything – it’s honest opinions that are needed at this time)
a) What would be needed for your club to participate in a CEMRIAC type event. Indeed, would your
club attend.
b) Would your club be willing to organise or host the event, or, if not, would you be able to provide
some organisational/technical/administrative support.
c) Where would be your ideal location for such an event (Place/venue)
Many thanks for your continued support, I look forward to receiving your comments.

On 6 March Mike wrote:
In reply to your questions, I think it is very unlikely that the Wight Film and Video club would be attending
any CEMRIAC type events due to our location.
Based here on the Isle of Wight, the cost of travel to the mainland can be prohibitive due to the ferry costs which
at times can exceed £100 for a car and passengers.

On 6 March Brian wrote:
I have just seen the response from the IOW and completely understand their position. But I would suggest that
although most other clubs do not have to cross an expensive stretch of water, distance is still an issue and it is
unlikely that many people are going to travel long distances just for a competition.
Answering your questions therefore :
a. I would have thought that most SoCo clubs might be persuaded to submit an entry given adequate
publicity and providing the terms and conditions were sensible and not too onerous but few would
actually turn up for an event.
b. I guess that we might not have too many volunteers to fully host a conventional competition (we did it
about 20 years ago in Reading and it was not exactly a full house!) but if the competition was perhaps
where entries were submitted on line then the organisation and the judging could be shared which
might be more realistic.
c. You are never going to please everyone with an ideal location, which is why I think the idea of a
competition where the entries are submitted and judged on line might be worth considering. The
downside of this suggestion is that there is no actual event and people don’t actually meet but I fear the
cost and logistics of organising an attended event are unlikely to work primarily due to the distances
involved in the SoCo region.

Q5 2020 Competitions
On 7 March Ivan wrote
We had a bit of discussion about Q5 at our club meeting last Monday. Members felt that if there was a
competition and if we had a film we would, of course enter it. (We were reminded by members that SoCo
already run competitions, although we do not enter very frequently as we do not make club projects very
frequently [3 in the past 5 years], something we are trying to remedy)
A regional “Training/Competition” meeting [as CEMRIAC] was however, thought to not be a good idea for us
for two reasons. Firstly, the distances people would have to travel and secondly, we are, so far, managing to
offer training within our own programme.
An on-line competition did seem to us to be a good idea but would rule out meeting people and getting to know
members of other clubs which would be a shame.
I am not sure where this leaves us with this discussion but I offer these thoughts and look forward to responses.
All best wishes

On 7 March Lee wrote:
I/we agree with Ivan’s comments vis: We thought that the annual SOCO COMP. still existed. As always we
would probably enter it SO – why replace it with another “On Line” version.
As for an “On Line” set up don’t agree, no faces, no chatter, no audiences! The “digital world” has it’s uses but
in some respects it’s becoming a “pain”!
As for regional Training, no dice and for the reasons Ivan states, especially the travelling. I’ve attended such
training sessions at CEMRIAC in the past and come away no wiser! In fact frankly I found the “lecturers”
somewhat boring! There’s no point in travelling sometimes quite a distance there and back – to no point! Film /
Video production is a “hands on learning” subject as Alfred Hitchcock (rose from Tea Boy)! – and other such
folks would have told you.
Anyway, thoughts from us!



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