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SoCo have started an initiative in asking a series of questions to member clubs to determine a consensus on what works and doesn’t work so well in film and video making. By doing this and seeing the answers from different member clubs it is hoped to be helpful to everyone.

The questions will be listed below and by following the link you will also see the responses.

Feedback to any of the questions would be very helpful, if you send them to me as coordinator ( ) I will post them to the forum.

Here are the links to the questions which will be updated on a regular basis.

Q1.  SoCo impact To start you may like to …………..

Q2. Issues you experience This week I would like you to consider and comment on any aspect of your club where input from others………..

Q3. This week I would like to explore with you the point that Brian raised on Friday,

Q4: Competitions/training

Q5 – 2020 Competitions

Q6 SoCo Forum “Events dear boy, events” (Harold Macmilllan)

Q7 Competition Grading & Results

Q8 2019 Competition launch Draft

Q9 – Judges for the Competition

Q10 The future of SoCo

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