Club Rules

Name and Objectives

The name of the club shall be the Isle of Wight Film and Video Club.

The objectives of the club shall be to encourage the making of Videos and all aspects of Video work collectively and independently.

Full Membership

Full membership shall be open to all persons. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant should sufficient grounds be found to do so.

Junior Membership

Open to any person in full time education. Membership fee is half of full membership.

Associate Member

A member who is unable to attend every meeting. Membership fee is half of full membership plus a small fee for every meeting they attend.

Honorary Member

Awarded to a person who is deemed worthy by the club/committee to hold this position.

Meetings and Club Year

The club’s AGM shall be held every July. The Honorary Secretary shall give 21 days notice of this meeting, together with it’s agenda and venue.

Proposals for the AGM’s agenda shall be placed in the hands of the Honorary Secretary 10 clear days prior to the AGM date.

The yearly accounts shall be submitted.

The officers and committe shal be appointed and any other business addressed.


Subscriptions for the Club Year shall be set and agreed by the majority vote at the AGM. Alternatively, an extraordinary meeting may be called for this purpose. All subscriptions shall be paid by the meeting following the AGM.

General Meetings

At general meetings or extraordinary meetings, a quorum shall comprise of at least two officers and 25% of club members. Resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority of votes. In the case of an equal number of votes being cast, for and against, the Chairman shall have a second deciding vote.

Extraordinary Meetings

Extraordinary meetings may be called by the committee or at least 25% of the membership, to put forward special proposals. The Honourary Secretary shall give 21 days notice of such meetings, their proposal/s and agendas.

Committee and Officers

A Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honourary Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected. The whole Committee shall comprise the said four officers and 10% of the total membership. After two years of serving on the committee, officers and committee members must stand down to be either replaced or re-elected. In the case of officers wishing to retire from thier post, they must give at least 28 days notice of their intentions.

The Committee shall carry the authority to deal with routine business and financial matters, appoint sub-committees and replace resigning committee members. A committee quorum shall comprise five committee members, of whom two shall be officers. Should an attendance figure not prove suffice to provide a quorum, then 25% of the attendance figure may be used in the case of urgent Extraordinary Meetings, of which two officers must be present.

Any Officer may call for an Extraordinary Meeting, at short notice, should it’s agenda contain matters of high impact that may prove disruptive. members are requested to alert the Honourary Secretary, or any officer immediately, should they encounter any such issue.


Minutes shall be kept of proceedings as requested by the Chairman. These minutes shall be placed on record and thence read to all present at the following meeting. If they prove to be a true and accurate account of proceedings at the previous meeting, they shall be considered approved and shall then receive the Chairman’s signature to this effect.

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