2019 Onwards


The new year started off with “Animation Antics”. A first for some members as we attemped to make an animated short.  Many were surprised at how long it took to make a couple of seconds of film using single frame photography. The result can be viewed on our Cinema page.





At the February 11th meeting all members of the club were involved in the making of “The Chess Game” a silent film with the following scenario;

The scene opens on a room; in the center we see a table with a chessboard and pieces on it. Smith is sitting at the table playing chess with Jones.Jones is not at the table; we see that he is sat in an armchair to the left of the room. He has his back to the game and is reading a book. There is another person in the shadows at the back of the room.After long deliberation, Smith (at the table) makes his move and heaves a sigh of relief. Without looking up from his book, Jones snaps his fingers and the Butler emerges from the shadows. Jones whispers some instructions to him and the Butler moves to the chess table and carries them out. The Butler then moves back into the shadows.Smith makes another move after long deliberation and heaves another sigh of relief; this game is hard work for him.Another snap of the fingers from Jones (without looking up from his book) and the Butler again carries out his whispered instructions for moving a piece on the board.Each take their moves in turn, Jones using the Butler and Smith taking his time over each move. This continues until, finally, Smith makes a move, folds his arms and sits back with a smug smile on his face. He has won the game.Jones throws his book down, snaps his fingers impatiently and the Butler runs over to him. A whispered animated conversation between the two follows in which it is obvious that the Butler does not want to do what he has been asked by Jones. The butler finally concedes and, going over to the chessboard, with one swipe of his hand dashes the pieces to the floor.



“THE ITALIAN MOB”   A Film within a Film.  May 20th.


The cameraman needs to be persistent but not forceful so the director makes him wait.



A big movie studio is filming the new gangster film “The Italian Mob”.

Director sits in chair and the cameraman stands by him. Other actors are on the right side of the scene, waiting for their cues. Idiot board holder is on left side

DIRECTOR: Places, everyone, places!

CAMERAMAN: (somewhat timidly) Excuse me, sir…

DIRECTOR: Not now, we’re doing this scene Now! OK, ACTION!
(cameraman films the clapperboard and scene.

RUNNER: (runs to center stage) Filthy Luca is back in town!!! (runs offstage)

FILTHY LUCA: (swaggering to center stage) Where’s that no-good, weak-kneed, pasta eating, spaghetti slurping Bossman and the money he owes me?

BOSSMAN: (entering from offstage with a suitcase of money) Ah’m right here, Filthy Luca! And, you’re not welcome in this town, this is my patch, take the money and go!


Filthy Luca checks the money, turns to go and Bossman shoots him it the back.


DIRECTOR: CUT! Not bad, but it needs to be more emotive, Take it from the top. Places!
( The actors will go way overboard and emote all over the place)

CAMERAMAN: I’m sorry sir, I really need to talk to you…

(cameraman films the clapperboard and scene)

(repeat with the director demanding something different and the cameraman trying to tell him something a couple more times. For the last take, the director says…)

DIRECTOR: OK, put all that together and get it right this time!

CAMERAMAN: But, sir, I can’t…


(cameraman films the clapperboard and scene)

DIRECTOR: Terrific! That was perfect. Ok, let me see how that looked in the camera.

(All the actors congratulate each other and are very relieved to finally be done with the scene. Director goes up to cameraman and starts looking in viewer.)

CAMERAMAN: I’m sorry sir, I’ve been trying to tell you – The camera battery is flat, there’s nothing in the can.


(everyone chases the cameraman offstage)


 B-B-Q Entertainment


Club members at the Isle of Wight Steam Show August 25th
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