Holiday Video

Produce a video made whilst you are on holiday. This could be a record of your holiday adventures or a documentary subject encountered in far away places. There is no running time limit on entries, but bear in mind that the duration should keep interest and the content to be relevant to the subject. 

Points are awarded for

Entertainment value, (does it hold the audiences attention)   maximum 50

Overrall impression, (Continuity, focus, exposure, sound, etc)      maximum 50

Total maximum points possible    100

Members may enter any of the competitions. Just entering a competion will earn you 10 points towards the “Video Maker of the Year Award”. Points are as follows, 1st 40, 2nd 30, 3rd 20 and unplaced 10 points.

A certificate is awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each competition as well as a small keepsake trophy for 1st place.

Not all competitions are held every year.

Make sure you understand the rules for the competition you are entering as any entry not adhering to the rules will be disqualified.

Entries should be submitted, in a format readable by the club’s equipment, with no other content except the competition video, on one of the following,  Blu-Ray disk, DVD or USB stick.

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