Our next meeting is Monday 27th September. New members welcome, come along and and get involved. A warm welcome awaits.

16mm film projection
35mm film projection

We are an amateur film making club and our members pursue their hobby for the enjoyment and satisfaction it gives them. With limited time, equipment, knowledge and finances we all strive to produce entertaining productions. We are not trying to produce films destined for TV or Cinema. Individual members have a wide range of interests and knowledge and are always happy to share this with others in the Club.  Occasionally a few of us get together to make a club film and have fun. Club night activities are varied (see programme), but there is always time for a chat. We don’t have our own clubhouse but meet at Wootton Bridge Methodist Church Hall, Station Road, Wootton, PO33 4RE. We start at 19.45 (7.45pm in old money) and doors open  at 19.15.  There is ample parking across the road in the Isle of Wight Steam Railway’s Carpark and the number 9 bus stop is nearby.  Come and give us a try, whether you are a fully experienced professional with the latest equipment or just starting with a smartphone, we welcome all.

“Reel Films” with John Bartlett

Our next meeting on Monday 27th September will be a presentation of 16mm cine film featuring archive footage of the Isle of Wight.

Most of you will be wondering why we are looking at old film, well, if it wasn’t for the invention of film and the development of film-making, our hobby would most likely not exist.

150 years ago, before cinema was ever dreamed of, people met in Church halls and their living rooms to enjoy ‘Magic Lantern Shows.

Who would have ever thought that from these small beginnings a vast film industry would have sprung up and the magic lantern would lead to making movies on smartphones.

The closing date for the “Video to Music” competition is the end of September so Ideally let the competition secretary have them on the second meeting on the 27th September.
Although it is a competition, it is as much an opportunity for all members to make some videos which is after all what the club should be about. We all enjoy watching what other people come up with and hope to learn a bit in the process.
So it would be great to have as many entries as possible,


27th September closing date for “Video to Music” entries

Reel Films with John Bartlett

An evening of 16mm films featuring the Isle of Wight in the past

11th October
Green Screen production “Here is the News”

25th October

“Video to Music” Competition. Viewing of entries